A couple of Halloween's ago, the magic of our story started with us "re-meeting" looking like this:

All I can say about myself dressed in an 80's get up is, sick.  
One of the many things I have to say about Spencer dressed up as Lil' Wayne is:
 YES- that definitely played a HUGE part in my falling in love with him! =)  For those that don't know the official story, I will tell it another day.  It's one for the books for sure.

Things have toned down a bit Halloween-wise since then haha. 

So here I am in my Halloween get up for work on friday:

I won't lie, I was prettayy dang excited. 
   After we all had some good laughs at each other's costumes, (one being the most awesome penguin I have seen in my life), out came, "Saije, you're such a tulle."  HAHAHAha I hadn't even thought of that!!  Oh man.  It was a good day at work!

Spencer & I carved, eh hem, painted our pumpkins with my family for FHE =)
  Our ward had a trunk or treat that we set up our own little trunk so we could see all of our adorable primary kids in their costumes.
  We always feel like we're going to burst when we see all of their little faces, they make us so happy!
So Spencer managed the corn hole toss while I handed out the treats.

We then hung out with some good friends & practically fell asleep at 10:00p.m.  yeah... like I said, things have toned down just a bit halloween-wise these days. 
haha  =)

It was a happy Halloween!


Bree and Bryce said...

haha I remember when Spencer was lil' wayne! So funny! Love your tulle costume!

The Webbs said...

I remember the cute story you told me a couple of years ago! too funny, you are right you cannot even recognize him! you are too cute by the way-seriously who is that creative? I love the outfit!!!

Laurie said...

That tulle costume is amazing!!

Victoria LOVED her special treats! You guys are the best teachers ever. I know she's going to be sad when January comes!

Alayna said...

Uh oh. I am in love with your blog! And I love reading (what little I have read) what you have to say. Your blog is AMAZING!!! Oh, and your photography and decorating skills are top notch. Woohoo!!

ashley wright said...

I LOVE YOUR COSTUME!!!!!! Seriously, how creative and cute!!!! I love your "re-meeting" story... IT'S ONE OF MY FAVES!

miss you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Allyson & Jere said...

Ok, Spencer as Lil Wayne? I can barely take it. That is one of the best costumes EVER!

However, your "tulle" number is pretty spectacular. though I'm sure it made sitting down a bit tricky.

Bethany said...

Saije you are too cute! I am super excited for you guys to come to our party again! Thanks for your comment!

Kelcie&Taylor said...

ahh!I TOTALLY remember that night!! crazy ironic! and yes, I am completely serious! my e-mail is kelc.robinson@gmail.com, email me your number or something and we'll get on this saije-kelcie-craft-day thing! :)

Harrison & Mikenna said...

I LOVE YOU SAIJE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alayna said...

So, one of these days when you are bored at work (which happens all too often) you should update your blog. Just sayin'