Folks dressed up like eskimos

              ( I love this picture so much! Ah, it looks so wintery and delicious)
The holiday season has me thinking of my sweet childhood home that holds most of my Christmas memories. 
A couple years ago, I didn't know that I was spending Christmas in that dear house for the last time. Which is probably a good thing because if I'd known I probably would've cried.. & not just a little.  Remember this?  Yeah.  Ridiculous.

It's just strange to think that some other family is living there now.  But I have to say that I'm so grateful that they are a good family and they love that house too.  Besides, it deserves to be filled on Christmas day with kids opening presents at 5:00 in the morning,  instead of sitting there empty and alone in the cold.  Right? Right! Especially when I put it that way.  

Just a few thoughts:

-I couldn't be happier about the overcast weather right now.   The heat & the sunlight really get me feeling hum-buggish.  So I am saying my prayers that this weather doesn't go away at least until after Christmas day.  

-This year I am excited to be spending Christmas with my love for the second time since we've been married.  He has the best Christmas morning face.  I can't wait!

-Both of our families live here now, so hooray for not having to stress out about that!

-I love when the radio plays Christmas songs about Christ's birth.  I wish it wasn't so surprising when they do.  

& here's my Christmas caroling....Fa la la la la LA LA LA LLAAA!  =) 

Merry Christmas!



The Webbs said...

dito to everything you just said :) hope your doing well, we STILL need to catch up! love the pic off you two below. merry christmas!!

Bethany said...

If Spencer's face looks anything like it did when you won 50 bucks at Whitney's party on christmas then that is CLASSIC! haha

Tracy said...

My parents are getting ready to move out of my childhood house and I am pretty heart broken too.

Its nice to know that a nice family is in your house though.

Whitney said...

Can I please have that house? Its dreamy. I love this time of year. Everything seems so wonderful. Merry Christmas to you and Spence. Im not surprised about his Christmas morning face... his face when you won $50 was ABSOLUTELY priceless.

Alayna said...

Remember that time you got a surprise gift to Paris for Christmas and you never blogged about it? Just sayin'...