I'm going to be writing these posts somewhat journal style, because I don't want to forget anything, so there will be a lot of minute details.  I don't expect anyone to read everything unless you want to =).. you can just enjoy the pictures if you like!  

This was the very first picture I took in France.  Poor Spencer.. you can just see the stress on his face.  This is where we stayed the entire time, Hotel Normandy.  

Our hotel room number ^ 
I said it was meant to be because we were married June of '09. =)

As soon as we got in our room we both passed out for about four hours, we were so exhausted!  When we woke up it was about 6:30 pm so we went out and grabbed some delicious crepes, OH.My.Gosh. I was hooked from the first bite.  Then we walked around for a little while. We went to the exposition, which is kind of like a mini visitors center.  We walked behind there to a building where Spencer used to go to some institute classes, and we actually bumped into a few people he knew.  It was so cool to see someone recognize Spencer and for them to start talking to each other asking how they've been.  It just made it more real for me that Spencer really did live there before.  When we got back to our room we passed out again.   

We both woke up a while later and I looked our our balcony window, and this was the view at 2:00 a.m., it was surreal! Seriously it was crazy.  The building in the far right corner of this ^ picture, is The Louvre!!!  That's how close our hotel was. 

 Our first official day in Paris we walked to The Louvre.  The line to get in was HUGE, so we decided to explore the outside of it on this day.  The building itself is gigantic.  I can't believe how big it is.  It's gorgeous and I love all of the little details  that make it so grand. From there we also saw the eiffel tower(in the distance) for the first time!!

I love this picture for all of the straight cut lines.  The perfect rows of trees, their tops cut evenly, and all of the walls that surround everything.  The layout of it all is very uniform and I love that.


Laurie said...

Gorgeous pictures!

The Reidheads said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE these pics!! What an adventure of a life time! You
ARE so blessed!! :-) LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU AS WELL!!