Peachaaay Days!

               Oh my dear Peach tree, how I love you.

Week 1,2,3&4 since our tree started blooming.  This is all very exciting here at the S&S Wright home.  

These are just some down right good days for us, the days of irrigation and peach tree lovin'.
Oh, & why yes, we do set out our lawn chairs and rest our feet on the burms, watching the ripples in the irrigation water while the sun sets.
It's pretty great & we like it.


Laurie said...

Saije, you're so cute!

Victoria's going to miss having you guys as teachers!! She absolutely LOVES you both. But we're moving by Father's Day. :(

Tina said...

It is so heart warming to know you both derive so much happiness from irragation and one cute little tree that I would have gotten rid of if you hadn't convinced me it was still alive,just in it's bare season. You teach us all great lessons about the joy of simple things. We love you.