Little hands at my feet

Today I was at the kitchen sink washing dishes.  Rowan was crawling around (still can't believe I'm saying that) entertaining himself.  A few minutes passed, and then I felt his little hands hold onto my legs so tight.  I looked down at him and cooed and said and did the things that make him laugh, and he did for a few minutes.  Once he realized I wasn't picking him up yet he began to do his "pick me up" cry, and it got a little louder the more that I continued to finish up the dishes.  It was in that moment that I couldn't stop smiling and thought, "Oh my gosh!  I'm a MOM.  I'm a mmmmmoooommm!!"  With his little fingers clenching tighter on my legs and his little cry getting more persistent, I just melted.

I'm a mother.  My dreams have come true!

I just never want to forget that moment.

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kelcie said...

I obviously can't imagine that feeling, but it sure sounds wonderful :) your little family is so beautiful!