There Goes My Baby

Oh one more thing, the song that is playing is BOMB. Spencer and I LOVE IT, it's one of those songs that when we listen to it we can't stop SMILING HUGE and feel all crazy happy and then start laughing when we're singing along, you gotta love those lines, seriously. One day Spencer called me to come open the garage for him.  I open it up and right then he had the part of the song "there goes my baby" blaring and he's singing it to me and pointing at me.. GOSH he is so GREAT!   

So Listen and Love.  :) 


Rae said...

We miss you both so much. We are coming to visit in about two weeks and I am sure we won't be able to keep the kids away for you guys. I love the pictures and the song. What a cute way to come home... singing to your women. I love it! See you soon.

Whitney said...

OK. So Its Whitney. I met you at Ericas wedding. I saw your photo blog on Ashley and Wes's blog. We are going to need pictures of our family for Christmas. How much are your sessions? You are so good. It was so nice meeting you. Let me know.

ashley and wes said...

S&S this song is amazing! I love it. Its the kind of song that makes you want to get out of your car at a stop light and use the crosswalk like it a stage... your headlights like they're spot lights, and the people honking like they're an audience. What you've never done that?