Would you like to go to..


 QT trip?  Need a QT?  Lets do QT. How bout a quicka tripp, eh? Mmmm I'm feelin QT, you? 

.. and the answer is always YES.  

On our wedding day right before our reception we made a:

Wedding Dress and all.  We were applauded by onlookers.  

When Spencer and I first started dating I must admit that I did not quite understand the magic of QT.  I was somewhat baffled to be honest.  My thoughts at the time were: "It's a....gas station, what's the big deal?"  Spencer quickly took me under his wing and showed me a world full of 32 oz drinks for merely pocket change.  I was introduced to the famous Mom Mix.  I was reacquainted with Dr. Pepper and my most beloved Mountain Dew.  Now, I cannot truthfully say that this hasn't all gone on without a bit of regret.  I was soda free for quite some time.  It comes in bouts.  I'm sure I will meet my soda-free self again some day.  But until then...

SEE YA AT QT!!  =)


Although this post isn't an update on how Christmas was since it was a couple of weeks ago,  Christmas was WONDERFUL.   All of the gifts that were exchanged were all so greatly appreciated and enjoyed, but I'm sure that what we'll remember the most were the happy tears and all the love we felt! We loved Christmas day so much and made memories that will last forever.  We are blessed with amazing families.  One of my gifts from Spencer is a weekend trip to the Grand Canyon this coming weekend!  I assure you that I could not be more excited!  So until the glorious post about our adventure to the Grand Canyon filled with pictures that will scare the pooper-doopers out of Papa Jim...  Love you aaaaaalllll!


Tina said...

Saije, Love the update on your blog. Jim and I both cracked up at the QT trip before your reception. We hope you have a wonderful time at the Grand Canyon. We are so grateful to have shared Christmas with your little family for the first time. We love you! Mom (of the Mom-mix)ha! ha!

Rae said...

Love the post. Yeah the QT trips are funny for sure but I love when papa Jim picks up all the kids to go to to QT. QT is super special to them because of papa Jim and I love it. Have fun at the Grand Canyon it is beautiful. Are you going by way of the williams train? It's a fun way if you have the time.