Ginger Bread House

Alright, for all of you who look at this blog, this is not Saije, it's Spencer. This is my first time entering this blog and if you don't like this post, then I don't really care. Quite frankly I still confuse blogs and pogs. But all I really care about at this time of season is mine and Saije's amazing ginger bread house making skills. So we were invited to a party with some friends for a friendly contest. But we knew this would not be a friendly contest when Brittany glanced over at ours and said, "ohhhh, putting your house in the corner, HOW creative." (Of course this is in Guffy's sarcastic tone). Then it was on. While others peoples walls fell, our house stood firm. We realized that your house was a representation of your marriage. We won't say who's fell, but ours will last the eternities. So needless to say, we walked away with "the best house on the block" award. Of course Trent threw pretzels at it, Jake insisted on giving us an ice-skater, and Guffy just said, "oh I didn't know we were in Pine Top." Anyway, we are pretty proud of our awesome ginger bread house. My wife was the master mind.


Rae said...

Spencer I love that your blogging and thats the best ginger bread house I've ever seen. Saije thanks for your wonderful comment on my last post, we miss you tons too.

Tina said...

Looks like an authentic log cabin, I love it. Spencer, you are pretty funny at this blogging stuff. No one would ever guess you are the nerdy accountant type. Ha Ha I'm your mom so I can say that. Sound like a fun time and a great tradition. You two are such a great team. Maybe we should incorporate the Gingerbread house test into our Marriage class to help couples discover hidden strengths and issues.... Love, Mom