WOW!!  February was probably even busier than December, and it sure did fly by!! Neither of us were ever huge Valentines Day fans, but last year Spencer changed that by proposing to me on Valentine's night, so now it is extra special  :)  This year it was another great day!

Our Birthdays are only 4 days apart, and we also had a few friends and family member's birthdays thrown in the very same week so it was busy indeed!  We both enjoyed our birthdays very much.  We were able to go spend our "Birthday Weekend" in Groom Creek at Uncle Jay and Aunt Julie's Cabin for a night and a night at Grandpa and Grandma Wright's Cabin, and we LLOOOvvvvvEED it!  We woke up Saturday morning to snow falling all around us.  It was one of THE most relaxing weekends we've ever had, sleeping in, eating to our hearts content, staying warm by the fire and watching some of our favorite movies. It's  GRREEAT to have Birthdays :)

Other than that we've been busy with work and school, Snoop's Gangsta Love, having our own "dance offs" at home, umm do I dare say we've been watching ------The Bachelor---and it has probably upped our stress level from a 5 to a 10 in the past month and a half, and we have also been enjoying the tons and tons of glorious RAIN! :)

We're lovin life and definitely want to be like this AWEsome couple in 70 years or so :)

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