I am a nostalgic person.  Most people probably have their nostalgic moments, or days, maybe weeks.  But unfortunately I am a little more nostalgic than I wish to be.  Once when I was a junior in high school, I was driving home in my white Land Cruiser dubbed by friends "The Abominable Snowman "or "The Beast".  As I turned onto Cattle Lane I was shocked to find 2 yellow lines all down the middle of my beloved road.  I had grown up with it always being the same, never changing except for maybe a few pot holes getting filled in here and there.  But this, this was just too much to take in with no warning.  It sounds ridiculous (trust me, I know it does) that this simple change brought a few tears to my eyes.  I didn't mind when they put a stop light in right around the corner but this was too close to home.  What were they thinking? (They, meaning the yellow-line-painters)  Did they even ask if we wanted those lines there?  Of course I realize they didn't need to ask,  because honestly, who would expect a 17 year old girl to care about the road as long as she can drive on it.  Let alone the fact that I was probably the only one who was distracted by the yellow lines while everyone else was busy speculating when the Sonic being built on Main Street would be finished.   Still.. I like my roughly paved road with the dip crossing the creek, pot holes and all, the entire road lacking of yellow lines. 
 ........................ Anyway, I'm clearly over it now.  HaHa
Maybe I was being gently eased into the pattern of change, since there were so many in my near future.   Maybe I'm this way so that I can laugh at myself whenever I remember times like this.


Just thought I'd share some of my goofiness with you.  =)   


ashley wright said...

Saije, you my dear are hilarious! i love you to pieces. i love the part where you say that maybe you were 'gently eased into the pattern of change'!!! {it's so true by the way!} because change DOES indeed happen :) im always going to think of you and the 2 yellow lines!
i can't wait to come to az in a few weeks :) i hope we can play if you have time. maybe we can have craft days again with mom. that was fun last summer.
btw- i think we picked a name for our litle girl... we shall call her {katniss!!} haha. im loving the HUNGER GAMES! its given me something to do while wes does homework at night !

Bree and Bryce said...

Yay! You have a blog! Fun seeing you guys last night!

Whitney said...

Im the same way!! I hate change. I like things to stay the same forever! I would get teary eyed over yellow lines too on my rough road.


hiiii cousin and old ward member. you guys are so cute!