Peachy Days =)

Well we have moved, and we are loving our new home!!  We are also enjoying the yard, it has brought on the adventure of the Peach Tree..

I have loved it since the first day I saw it.  It was bare with no leaves and we had no idea what kind of tree it was. Some thought it might be dead.  I didn't think so and pretty soon it blossomed and before we knew it it was covered with peaches!  So I've been watching them grow over the weeks.  I've slept with visions of yummy peaches dancing around in my head.  Man I didn't even know I liked peaches this much.  




And then it happened..

the birds came and are having a daily feast

They are everywhere. We've threatened them and tried protecting the tree with a 
net, but it's just getting worse. So we are saving every peach we can! It just looks like we won't have the bushels and bushels of peaches I was dreaming of Haha. :)
.   .   .   .   .   .   .
Something new to us:

Say the word IRRIGATION to Spencer and his eyes light up as he excitedly rubs his hands together
and so the day we get irrigation has officially been dubbed GAME DAY!! 
He will say to me the morning of, "Honey do you know what today is? It's GAME DAY! IIIIITS GAME DAY!"   Haha! I  Love it!  Who knew irrigation was so awesome?

Something I never want to forget:

Getting excited about the little things makes for some of the happiest days.   :) 


Harrison & Mikenna said...

You guys have a house! i wanna see it:) post some pics!

Bree and Bryce said...

How fun! Spence told Bryce you guys moved into a house on Nina. So jealous! We want to move back out there so bad!

ashley wright said...

Im so excited for you guys to be all moved in!!!! AND ALSO... Happy Anniversary a few days ago!!! I feel so lame that I didn't remember to call you that day. sorry :(
By the way... those peaches loooook sooooo gooood :) yummy.
Hey, how did the sweet purchase from our little thrift store adventure turn out??? Are you able to use it and love it? I was just thinking about it the other day :) haha oh, we MISS you all so much :) Hope all is well :)
love you guys

ashley and wes said...

Just so you know. I am the king of irrigation in the family. Spencer will likely tell you he knows more than I. Do not believe him. I have a master's degree in "Irrigatiology." (it is a new program at only the most prestigious Universities). Its cute that Spencer gets so excited, kinda like a boy playing with Tonka Trucks in the sand box praying that some day he will get to drive his own front loader. Like most things in Spencer's life he will spend all his time trying to be like is older brother Wes. I, of course, am kidding and could not be more excited for you guys. I can't wait to see what you guys do with the place.


Whitney said...

I am EXTREMELY jealous of your peach tree. Congratulations on your new house and irrigation. You guys are so grown up. ;)


those peaches look delicious! try aluminum foil over the peaches. individually wrapped. you two are so stinkin cute it ALMOST makes me sick. ha. we wanna hang out!

Rae said...

Spencer knows how to avenge the loss of your peaches. Just ask him what he can do with a pair of garden shears.