Some Fresh Air & Rainbows will do you Good.

I found the loop hole.  

How do you get your husband to keep his promise of going camping at least once this year?
You find the one weekend where school has ended, meaning: 
No homework, no studying.
You find the one weekend where there are no softball tournaments, meaning:
No excuses. 
You find the one weekend where he will want to be sure to get Saturday chores done, meaning:
 You surprise him by mowing the lawns yourself.
You find the one weekend where you can clean everything and have everything packed & ready to go, meaning you will get to say:
"Yep we can do this babe I promise, I know how to camp."
"Thanks Mom & Dad for letting me borrow a bunch of stuff."
 A freshly groomed lawn, a clean house & everything is packed, again means:
No excuses.
No way out.

Which means:
I really wanted to go camping...

Spencer fished and I went on a walk in the forest. 

 Finding these incredibly beautiful creations made me think of my Father in Heaven.

I can't describe how I felt this camping trip, other than it just felt more than good to be there.

Spencer actually loved it and said, "Wow, this is nothing like Scout Camp."
I accomplished what I had set out to do, to show him how GREAT camping can be. =)

Camping Trip 8.6.10


The Webbs said...

what a good wife you are! kam and i have not been camping since we have been married! we are totally lame. looks like you guys made a nice relaxing trip out of it :)

Whitney said...

Hands down you are the best wife ever.

Ben said...

I am shocked and dismayed to hear that you would have a difficult time getting Spencer to go out camping with you. Who's son is he anyway?

The Motts said...

saije, youre blog is so cute! i had to do the same thing with tim and camping, dang city boys! but now he loves it, we go as often as possible!!it looks like you and spencer are doing good and enjoying everything!

Rae said...

All the Wright's have that misconception about camping. It's our job to help them see there is more to life than Disneyland!!!! I love you and feel the same way about the outdoors. I'm just sad you had to work so hard to get him out there with you. Miss you guys.

ashley wright said...

haha. i love ben and rae's comments on here!! im torn somewhere in between about camping... see, i love to camp but only if im gone for one night! that way, i can have a shower the day i leave and shower the next day when we got home! i do think camping is so fun... i love sleeping in a tent(i just need an air mattress) haha and i love the fresh air too! maybe we should go camping saije and you can show us how it's done!!! ps. we got so much camping stuff at our reception and sadly we have not used it... so im thinking that going camping would be a great idea!!
we love and miss you guys!

Bree and Bryce said...

You are such a cute wife! I want to go camping now! :D Did I really just say that?

kate lines said...

hi saije! i just found your cute little blog... i'm glad too see you guys are doing well!

(we love camping, i'm glad you talked him into going with you.)

Laurie said...

Hi Saije, I saw you comment on Rae's blog, so I had to click over!

You're so cute! I love that you're in our ward, so I can get to know you personally, not just Rae talking about how amazing you are. :) And Victoria LOVES having you guys as her teachers!!