Even now, years later

I have recently found that re-reading my favorite books from my childhood is healthy.
They clear my mind before I go to sleep.
They help my mind to
about a thousand things that don't really matter,
& replaces them with simple things that do.



Laurie said...

What a great idea! Reading new books keeps me up because I don't know what's going to come next, and I want to keep reading. But I can see how it's more relaxing to read something you already know you love. (And doesn't keep you in suspense.)

Whitney said...

Thats one of the joys of having a kid. Ive been reading Presley books I read when I was little.

Kasey Gentry said...

this post hits spot on with the post i just wrote. thank you for it. you should read stargirl by jerry spinelli. that will make you feel like you even if you have never read it before.

kate lines said...

oh, i love reading my childhood books. the first book i had that "can't put it down" feeling with was black beauty. i remember sneaking out of my bed to read it by the night light.

and yes, stargirl is so good. i should find it again.