I found a Tree Star

When we were little we loved Land Before Time.
We would always assign everyone which character they were in the movie before we would watch it.

Saije:  Little Foot (only we would pretend it was a girl, since Little Foot was the oldest)

Casey: Petri (Which he took great pride in since Petri's the funny one)

Sarah: Sarah -Poor Sarah, she hated that she always had to be Sarah (she's the mean dinosaur), just because their names were the same.  I would tell her that the movie was where Mom & Dad got the name from, (not true).  That would make her even more mad.

Josh: Spike (Because he was the cute baby dinosaur)

Emma: Ducky (The sweet one)-  Sarah & I used to fight to be Ducky, but once Emma was born we knew that the honored title belonged to her.

In the movie, Little Foot says to his grandparents something along the lines of "I don't want to be little anymore, I can't wait to grow up." They tell him that when he does, he will wish he was little again.

I distinctively remember thinking to myself, "Yeah, I can't wait to grow up, it's taking so long."  "I won't ever wish to be little again, why would anyone wish that? You can't do aaannnyything when you're a kid."


Now,  I know that I am still very young.
It's just when I realize that:
Petri is currently serving a mission
Sarah is a senior in high school
Spike turned 16 today
Ducky would be 13 years old

That I feel strange knowing that I, Little Foot,
may not be so little anymore.

I'm just glad that the adventure continues :).


Whitney said...

I feel the same way. All my siblings are so grown up and I can hardly take it. Sometimes I wish we were little again. Everything was SO easy back then.

Tina said...

I haven't visited your blog for a while. I loved reading about your camping trip. Spencer is so lucky to have found a girl to teach him how to love the simple, beauties of life. I love the picture of you with your siblings too. Little foot can be proud of the great example she has set and the way she has looked out for the ones she loves.
Love you, Mom

Bethany said...

So I read your blog and I never comment....and I think we had a conversation about this one time haha but I'm commenting now! Growing up happens too fast! I'm convinced!

ashley wright said...

I love this post Saije :) It is really strange when you realize your "little" siblings aren't so "little" anymore. ANd yes... the adventures continue!!!!!
MIss you like crazy ;)
love you!

Angela Brian said...

thanks for the super sweet comments on my GS blog!

i am so glad that you find DIY inspiration for it.


your blog is also a gem.

+ land before time rocks.