Pa Ingalls

Last night I made my dad promise that he will nevvvveer get old.

This morning I get a text from him that reads:

"Yo what up!  Just yer pa here alive and well, kickin up a little dust!  Goin to the gym, gettin my hair dyed, laser eye surge, and a tummy tuck today yo!"

Which is just one example of why I don't want him to ever get old. 

Dear Pa,

Sorry fer my fair share
of yer silver hair.

Thanks fer all yer love n care.

Over en out.


Shellsea said...

Hiya, I just found your blog. So cute. I'm now a follower.

Your dad is just too funny.

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kate said...

ooooh that is so funny (and really sweet) i miss my dad.

The Bookness said...

Great blog!

♥ Love,