Strange happenings

This morning was strange indeed. 

We were awakened by our door bell- at 5AM !

Ummm...scary larry.

So we crept quietly to the living room in the dark and peeked out the blinds.  There is some random dude standing in our driveway, no car, staring at our house. He then whipped out his cell and continued to just stand there..then stand under our tree in the yard.  HAhhhh.. we were totally creeped out. So a phone call to the neighborhood cops was made and when they arrived the man started to run a little bit when he saw their headlights, but they yelled out for him so he came back.

His story is that he must have the wrong address because he was meeting someone to carpool to work.  He went on I guess to say that he thinks he's completely lost. 

I'm just going to say it: I don't believe him.  I can't help it, when I kick into survival mode (when there's creepsters around) all I know is "Trust NO one!" Side note: Good thing my dad taught me the eye-gouge while growing up.  Really though, he did.  

Going back to bed from that little adventure and then 20 minutes later waking up to the sound of "teach me how to dougie" wafting through our window from one of our neighbors... makes for a strange thursday morning.   


The Webbs said...

haha oh no!!! i am seriously the same way though. i dont trust anyone-maybe a little too much csi for me!

kate said...

i was totally thinking "i don't believe him!" sketchyyyyyyyyyyyyy. so glad your posting over here, keep it up....... or else i'll show up on your doorstep claiming carpool.