It's really happening

First ultra sound of our Baby.  8 weeks.
I sent it in a text to Spencer right after the 1st appointment,
we both looked at it several times that day, or week, or maybe that whole first month, even though it just looks like a little peanut, it still made us so happy and excited to know it was real. =)

We took this picture to send out an "announcement text" to a few extended family & friends
around the 14-15 week mark.
I love this picture of us, because I'll always be able
to look at it and know exactly when and why we took it.

It's true, this is really happening!

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Tina said...

What a great way to journal. These are precious memories and make me feel so grateful Spencer has such a sweet wife filled with love and appreciation for the simple beauty of the world around her. Love you Saije.