Me, with child

 So.. I feel extremely awkward taking pictures of myself,
but every once in a while I'll force myself because I know I'll be grateful later on.

When Spencer takes pictures of me 
I can never stop laughing because he says the funniest things while turning the camera constantly and snapping them like crazy.  Which is why I'm kind of making goofy faces in these, you know, the good ol' stink eye.  Why one eye squints more than the other when i smile, I may never know. At least Spencer still loves me, right? 

23 Weeks

25 weeks

28 weeks (about 6 months)

Thanksgiving Day 32 weeks (7 months)


Common things heard around our home lately:

"Don't do it for me, do it for our son"- we both have a lot of fun with that one.

"I still can't believe this is really happening."

& mostly,

"Ahh I can't wait for..."
"Won't it be so great when..."
"I can't believe we only have ___ many weeks left!"-This one
is said every week. Sorry Spence.

and occasionally,

"I'm nervous for..."
"What are we going to do if(or when)_____ happens?"

Spencer's favorite thing to ask me ALL the time is
"Babe, what are you going to do when our son does this? or asks you this?"

Usually he makes them pretty difficult scenarios,
ones he knows I'll stress over just thinking about.

He always gets a pretty good laugh out of whatever my reply is, whether it be serious or ridiculous.

I'd do the same thing to him, but I know he'd probably lose sleep worrying about situations that won't likely happen for a good 12 years or so. I love it.

Spencer is going to be such a awesome, wonderful & loving dad,
and I am so excited and grateful that we get to do this together!  

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Tina said...

Cutest little mother I've ever seen. You will be glad you documented this and so will little Spencer Jim some day. We couldn't be more excited for your little family.
Love you guys!