On a Tuesday

While I was cleaning the refrigerator yesterday,  I had this charming little man to entertain me, and vise versa.  Seriously, that face! That smile! Those eyes, teeth, nose, chin, chubs, hair....YUMMMM!!  Obviously this is some motherly love talking, but still....

He makes me so happy!  I love that my days are sprinkled with making each other laugh and smile over and over, among all of the normal daily tasks.  Along with that comes the hard moments of course.  The poop-everywhere moments.  I never understood it when people talked about poop getting everywhere or poop being such a big deal.  Yeah, everybody poops..haven't you heard?  The first time I really got it though was when I was giving Ro boy his third bath in two hours, washing his crib sheet, onsie, and my own shirt, wiping down multiple surfaces,  and spraying febreez throughout the house.  THATS when I got it. HA!  I still don't understand how it manages to get everywhere, I just know that it DOES.  I have to say though, Rowan laughing at me while I'm cleaning it all up is the best comic-relief.  Anyway, my point is that even with those moments here and there, they are fleeting.  We don't focus on them and by bed time, all I can remember from the day are the happy moments.   I'm glad that we're designed that way, to mostly remember the good in things.  I think we are that way naturally if we don't fight it.  

Also, I found a copy cat recipe of Pita Jungle's Chicken Del Sol (which I LOVE) so I tried it out for dinner last night and it turned out preeeeeetty dang great.  I'm not very good at baking, but cooking I seem to have a lot more luck in and I love to do it.  

At the end of the day Spencer came home from work happy, which makes me happy.  He sure is a champion.    

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