Clue Party

Mr. & Mrs. Cartwright


Mr. Eugene Cartwright inherited his father's oil business and soon after married Evelynn for her beauty.  They have been married for eight years with no children.  He dabbles in the speakeasy business for pleasure.  He and his wife have become multi millionaires.

Mrs. Evelynn Cartwright is striving to make it in Hollywood.  She married Eugene for his social status and money.  They have been married for eight years and have no children nor does she want them, for that might ruin her beauty.  She is jealous of every person who beats her out for a role in films.

Before the Clue party, we had to give our play names and what we would be dressed as.  We said we would come as millionaires.  
We had so much fun at the party!  Everyone there had great costumes and the whole thing was very well planned out! 

After reading what our parts were and acting them out that night,  we came home not millionaires, but very thankful to simply be Mr. & Mrs. Spencer and Saije Wright, thankful that we married for love and thankful that we definitely do want to have children someday.

Special thanks goes to: Cherry Street Antiques for providing costume accessories, and Mom for adding the last minute finishing touch to Spencer's costume, the leopard print material in the collar.  I can't remember what it is officially called and neither can google. 

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ashley wright said...

You guys look GREAT! How fun to dress up and be "somebody else" for a little bit, but then come back to your real life :)
I loved THE DISNELAND POST TOO! We had such a great time with YOU!! We need to go every year ! So, just plan on it ok :) Im so glad you and Spence are happy and are enjoying married life. Also, Im so glad that youre my SISTER!!! I never had any sisters in my family, and when I got married I got a whole bunch, and it just keeps getting better!! So glad youre part of it! It was so great to talk to you on the phone the other day; youre so great! Keep in touch sister!

love ya
ps. see ya in 3 weeks and 5 days!