Thanksgiving Weekend

For Thanksgiving we went to Taylor. It was so good to see my family! The weekend was full of sleeping in, playing games, eating and doing whatever we wanted! It was freeeeeeeeeZING but to me it just felt like home :).

On thursday night my sister and I made a pact with each other to wake up early and go with my mom for our first taste of the Black Friday experience. Now, you may be wondering if there is even a single store in such a small town that would be participating in the Black Friday event. I know this because Spencer gently said to me, "Is there even a place to do that up here honey?" I replied, "PSH, UH YEAH. Walmart baby." 


3:30 AM- Spencer, dad & boys leave the house to go fishing at Big Lake

4:45 AM- Mom, my sister and I leave to head up to Show Low singin along with the christmas music on the radio jolly as can be 

5:00 AM- The boys arrive at the Lake after over an hours travel

5:05 AM- Girls' truck shuts down. That's right.

5:10 AM- After going over our few options... Phone call to Dad. "Hi Dad, WE LOOOVE YOU!! .....and we're stranded in the cold, please help us father??"

6:15 AM- The boys come to the rescue!

6:25 AM- ALL of us tread back upstairs and ALL of us go back to bed.

It was quite the productive morning :)

Haha honestly though, for some reason that little adventure did not even irk me in the slightest. I was as happy as could be. Maybe it's because I got to spend an hour and a half with my mom and sister in the front seat of a truck stranded in the dark on the side of the road at five in the morning, and we could not help but laugh at our predicament and enjoy our time together. I absolutely LOVED it. We of course felt so horrible for the boys, we hated ruining their trip. But it did help that not one of them said something to make us feel bad, except for teasing of course.

THANK YOU for saving the day Dad, Spencer, Casey and Josh!  you guys are the greatest :)

The boys were able to venture out on their fishing trip the next morning and it was a

Spencer is quite the fisherman :)

We loved our weekend up North!  Thank you for everything mom and dad!! We love you all!!

We missed all of our other family, and want you all to know that we are SO EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS!!!  :)


Rae said...

Thats so funny but I think I would be the same way. It does not matter what your doing, sometimes, as long as your with your mom everything is great. I love the new look on the blog too.

ashley wright said...

I love it Saije !!! What a fun memory to have with your mom and sister!! Seriously, it's all about the time you get to spend together!!! And Im so glad you got to spend thanksgiving with your family, that's so fun. As for black friday shopping, I went for the first time this year and... i was so TIRED for like a whole WEEK!!! Maybe one year we can go together :) We can't wait to see you guys in a few days!

Tina said...

What a great story. The fishing sounds like Spencer's dream come true. Jim's worst nightmare, but Spencer's dream come true. We missed you here but love that you have such a great family, Saije. Love, Mom